Better curate and manage content, users and features with Eposo. We are building new themes, plugins and Gutenberg blocks.

Hey everyone

We had released Eposo WordPress Theme - First version in mid-2018. Since then it is working rock solid and catering various type of clients and purposes.

The primary goal of Eposo WordPress Theme was to build content curation and directory websites. But we've seen that many people are using it for various purposes, from book club to a dribble alternative.

During this time, we have received many suggestions and feature requests. It becomes more than just a content curation theme. And to cater to all people, we felt a need for a significant update.

It's 2022, and many things have changed since 2018. The spread of Gutenberg blocks, WordPress's inclination on react, Bootstrap 5 meta release.

We feel it is the right time to upgrade it.

We have started working on the new version called Eposo beta. It is not just one theme. Infact, Eposo is now going to be a collection of themes and to cater to various requirements with add-on plugins and widgets to supercharge your stack.

Upcoming features

  • New themes/skins

    We are working on 4 new theme designs to cater all users with new dedicated features and design elements. All new themes will be on bootstrap 5.

  • CSV upload (Extension)

    To upload items directly through CSV files (Excel, airtable).

  • Upvote CTA (Extension)

    Options to choose upvote button design from different icons, animated icons and lotte animations.

  • Upvote type

    single upvote/downvote, 5 star based, smiley based etc.

  • Dashboard Pro (Extension)

    admin dashboard showing total number of upvotes registered today/this-week/month and other data.

  • Membership

    A highly requested feature. The new version has (optional) membership area and user only features.

  • Sponsor slot plugin (Extension)

    An extension of the theme to help you with the sponsor slot booking and auto assign.

  • In-built Item submit form

    An inbuilt item suggestion form through which users can suggest new items and also assign the item to the respected library.

  • Universal upvote count

    Universal upvote count of an item. Currently, Eposo let use of the same item on multiple libraries which restrict the upvote count to their respected libraries only. Now, item will be Universal and upvote count will be the same at all places.

  • Reorder positions of libraries on landing page

    Admin can choose or reorder the position of libraries on the landing page. (Currently it works alphabetically)

  • New blog design

    A content focused blog design.

  • Share library in article

    embed library in the blog post using shortcode.

  • Category menu position on homepage

    Option to change the category menu position - horizontal and vertical

  • Customization

    Features to customize the header, footer, width of the site.

  • New item card designs

    We are working on redesign of item cards. Will share more information about it soon.

  • Forum and knowledgebase

    We are planning to launch a dedicated forum and a video tutorial based knowledge base.

  • Bot prevention

    A more robust system to prevent upvotes registered thorugh bots.

  • CDN and Cache problem

    The new version supports the CDN and cache plugins. And it reloads only the upvote data when new event registered from the visitor.

  • Advance search widget

    New search system with auto-suggest feature and better search results design.

  • Better comment section

    We have designed a new comment system from scratch by keeping in mind comment threads.

* If you like to suggest new features then please drop us a message through this form.

* Extension - Extensions are add-on plugins, meant to super-charge your setup. These plugins will cost extra then the theme price.

Updates for free and new pricing

All the theme updates and upcoming themes (excluding extensions) will be given as complementary to all the Eposo theme buyers who have purchased it before the release of the new version.

The pricing for new customers will be announced soon.